Innovation on your skin

The collection is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. Every part and component is the result of study and testing in order to guarantee a product of the highest quality. Italian excellence.

Triloxy's CE-marked garments comply with the health and safety requirements of the relevant directives.



It is a unique certification and control standard in the sector of textile raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, which marks products that do not present a health risk to consumers.



FIR - Far Infrared Ray Technology - technology that harnesses all the therapeutic properties of long infrared rays also known as the life generator. The technology is 100% natural and the principle of operation is based on body contact.



Textile and Health Association. Founded in 2001, the Associazione Tessile e Salute is at the side of consumers and has always been concerned with eco-toxicology in the textile and fashion sectors in order to protect 'Made in Italy', combining the skills of the public system with those of the textile, leather and chemical production chains.


Key features


BREATHABLE - The high-tension polyamide yarn is super breathable, allowing sweat to pass quickly to the outside while keeping the skin dry.



THERMIC - The garment, worn like a second skin, has insulating properties. The heat produced by the body stays close to the skin, giving a pleasant feeling of well-being.



RECYCLABLE - The garments are recyclable. We do our bit for the environment.



SEMLESS - Ultra-comfortable garments with very few seams,


When to use it

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