What infrared rays are

Infrared radiation is a natural and beneficial radiation that is well present in our daily lives but not visible to our eyes.

Heat sources emit infrared rays

Any source of heat emits infrared radiation. The sun is the most obvious example but a pot on the stove also emits infrared radiation, a radiator and all animals, including humans. When we look at an infrared photo or see an action film using night vision. The colours are nothing but the visualisation of the more or less strong heat sources of the framed elements. This is why infrared is also called 'thermal radiation' or 'heat radiation'.

The types of infrared rays

A ray has the shape of a wave. Depending on the length of this wave, infrared can be a short, medium or long wave. These electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light and have a special feature: they do not heat the air but the surfaces they encounter.

The characteristics of long infrared radiation (FIR)

Long-wave rays, also known as far infrared rays are called FIR (which stands for Far Infrared Ray). They are beneficial rays variously defined as 'light of life', 'biogenetic' rays, 'life-generating' rays. In fact, if they did not exist, no form of life would be possible. The sun is the first source of heat rays and without the sun there would be no life. Another characteristic of FIRs is that they are infrared rays that can penetrate our bodies to a depth of about 40-50 mm causing a pleasant warmth.

The benefits of FIR long infrared rays

The benefits of FIR beams have been used for years and effectively in three different fields:

  • Therapeutic
  • Aesthetic
  • Psychophysical

The heat produced by radiation and transmitted deep into our bodies triggers a number of processes that are beneficial to our health:

  • facilitates tissue metabolism
  • stimulates the production of collagen
  • promotes the dilation of capillaries
  • induces muscle relaxation/li>

Long infrared rays also have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic action, thus helping to:

  • calming pain
  • alowering blood circulation
  • detoxify the body
  • reduce stress
  • aiding restful sleep


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